Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Business Student of the Year presentation ideas

The Nuts and Bolts Business Student of the year is just around the corner!
Part of the application process to enter this contest is submitting a visual presentation.
Here is how it's stated in the BSY guidelines:

Additionally, entrants will be required to prepare a presentation of how they plan to use
the teachings of Nuts and Bolts in salon /spa life when they graduate. Entrants must
prepare a 3-5 minute visual presentation on video. StoryBoard and/or PowerPoint
presentations are acceptable media. Judges will review the presentation and award points
for the following:
Content quality % 10 points possible
Clarity of information % 10 points possible
Innovation used in the presentation % 10 points possible
Overall appearance of the presentation % 10 points possible

Some students may choose to present their ideas on a "storyboard" display which can be found at most office supply stores or craft stores, like Michaels. Here is an example of a blank one:


Below are photos of an assignment that students from Cameo College in Murray, Utah were given. Similar to the Business Student of the Year contest, they had to use storyboards for their presentations. Hopefully these will give you some inspiration for your presentation. Good luck! If you have any questions regarding the contest, you can contact the Nuts and Bolts team here.


Cameo Storyboard 1DSCF2923

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