Friday, August 28, 2009

Fashion Bloggers=Great exposure!

This video was sent in from Avenue Five Institute in Austin, TX. A local Fashion Blogger came through the salon and later posted a video of her new haircut on her blog. What a great way to gain exposure to new clientele!

Bloggers, especially ones who write about fashion, have the ability to expose otherwise undiscovered fashion designers, boutique shops, and of course HAIR STYLISTS! The web is such a great tool for marketing yourself. Kara from AvenueFive Institute can use this video in the future to show off her skills to new customers or even salon owners.

In general, those who follow (or consistently read) fashion related blogs are more in-tune with current trends in the fashion industry. A great way to get younger or more style-conscious clients in the salon would be to pair up with these bloggers!

If you are unaware of any local fashion bloggers, try doing a google search for "Fashion blogs" and your city. Chances are, with a little research, you'll be able to find someone nearby who you can contact. Maybe there's a special going on at your school's salon that you can offer to a potential blogger. More often than not, these internet-savvy bloggers are looking for new and interesting ideas to write about. Why couldn't they feature you?

Here's another fashion blogger (who I follow religiously!) called The Glamourai who wrote an entry about her favorite stylist "Lenny" in New York. She even mentions a special: tell him that you're a fan of her blog and receive $25 off your visit at the salon! Now there's a great idea!

-Melissa Loschy

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Student of the Month is Sara Overton and she comes from Capri College in Cedar Rapids, IA and was nominated by Chris Fiegen.

"I wanted to submit a student for recognition for her outstanding achievements. Her name is Sara Overton, and she attends Capri College in Cedar Rapids, Ia. In july, Sara shattered our all time production record with a total sales and service of $2026.47. This was with $478.14 in retail sales, and $1548.30 in services. In june she exceeded $1,000. She had a 100% increase in one month. Wow! Our previous single month record was a little over $1300. She has not yet even completed her N&B training, but has taken it, and her attitude to a whole new level of success. She is an outstanding student who really deserves recognition. We are extremely proud of her and her accomplishments. (we even have to get a new plaque for the $2,000 club!)"

Sara sent us a testimonial about Nuts and Bolts, and here's what she had to say:

"I decided to become a hairstylist after having worked as a salon coordinator in an upscale Aveda salon in Cedar Rapids. My owner sent me to class after class for salon operations, business building and great customer service. It was then that I fell in love with the beauty industry. I chose Capri College because of its great reputation in Cedar Rapids, and my owner said it would be a great place to get my education. When the Nuts and Bolts program came to Capri I was inspired by your words, but I thought the last thing I needed to participate in was another “customer service” class. I thought I all ready knew everything I needed to know and I was just going to school to get my license, why waste time with this program. I am grateful that our director and staff urged me to take the program. The first day of the program I felt as though you were talking right to me and I knew Nuts and Bolts was like know class I had ever taken before. I realized that the attitude I first had about the program was exactly the trap that most stylists fall into, and that if I continued down that path I may be successful for a little while but it wouldn’t last. The program taught me that I will never stop learning, and that clients want to hear about the new things you have learned. I could go on and on about all the doors the program opened up for me and all the ah ha moments! It has helped me change my thinking and shown me how to take customer service to the 5 star level. When I began implementing all of the tools I learned on the floor, the first month my totals doubled and I was just short of making the thousand dollar club! In the second month my retail sales helped me reach the thousand dollar club, I made it a goal to hit fifteen hundred dollars by the third month and ended up making over two thousand dollars in service and retail in my third month! Not to mention my tips were great! I will continue to use the tools from Nuts and Bolts to be successful in this industry, thank you for the opportunity, I am so glad to have taken advantage of it!

Congratulations Sara!