Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet Ashley!

Meet Ashley Evanson, a recent graduate from Cameo College of Essential Beauty in Murray, Utah. So why is Ashley such a remarkable person? Not only is she incredibly driven, intelligent, and accomplished; she is the 2010 winner of the Nuts and Bolts Business Student of the Year Award for Esthetics! By reading her answers to the following interview questions, it is no surprise that Ashley won the prestigious award and that she is destined for a mountainous career.

NaB: What made you decide to choose a career in Esthetics?
Ashley: I’ve always been drawn towards the beauty industry, plus I have this bizarre love of grooming other people, and esthetics seemed to fill both of these squares.

NaB: Did you ever consider any other careers? Have you worked in any other industry?
Ashley: I have a BA degree in journalism and worked as and editor and writer at a magazine. Actually, this job is what helped but me through esthetics school. I’m planning on graduate school in the fall.

NaB: How has the knowledge you’ve learned from Nuts and Bolts helped you to reach your goals?
Ashley: I wasn’t fantastic with the business aspect of esthetics, and Nuts and Bolts taught me what it means to be a businesswoman. I know how to work hard and I’m extremely competitive (with myself, mostly) and Nuts and Bolts taught me how to channel those qualities into a productive, successful businesswoman.

NaB: What is your favorite cornerstone or lesson that you’ve learned from the Nuts and Bolts training books?

Ashley: I liked the phrase “Work smarter, not harder.” It’s easy to get caught up in the little details and worry about accomplishing things that might not even matter in the big picture. Working smarter cuts down on my stress level, and I actually become more productive.

NaB: What are some of your long-term goals after graduation?
Ashley: I want my different educations to collaborate; being an editor/writer in the beauty or health department of a magazine would be an ideal job. I would love to write about skin health, beauty, and the “latest and greatest” from the esthetics world.

NaB: Who has helped inspired you at your school? (team leader, coach, teacher).
Ashley: I think I was inspired a little bit by everybody at my school. I’m not sure I can pick one person who was my inspiration, but the advice and examples from all of my teachers collectively became my inspiration.

NaB: What advice would you give to a brand new esthetic student?
Ashley: I would tell new students to always be looking for opportunities to learn. Don’t be content with learning the bare minimum; being an excellent esthetician requires going above and beyond. Don’t sit around waiting for opportunities to come to you, they rarely will. You have to get up and create your own opportunities. This alone can make all the difference in what kind of esthetician you become.